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342) George Kilpatrick 
Naples Park, Florida
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Saturday, 7 September 2013 19:49

A fan from the 50's
341) Shilo Hiltz 
Chaplin, NS
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Saturday, 24 August 2013 20:59

I truly enjoyed the show this year. Been 3 years since I have attended and it was well worth it this year. I did miss Kayton a lot but glad I got to meet Roger Carroll again what a gentleman. Awesome show and great people, nothing better then country music. Also want to say It was a pleasure to see Paul Moulaison again I am a huge fan of his and he is an amazing guitar player and an amazing man really hope to see him again soon!!
340) Judy Boutilier 
Port Medway
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Thursday, 22 August 2013 12:35

Loved the hank Snow tribute and was great to have it in Liverpool, Great job Kelly and staff.
339) valerie and gary joudrey 
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Sunday, 18 August 2013 10:22

we was at hank snow tribute over the weekend and really enjoyed ourselves. it was a joy to have the tribute back in hank's hometown.
i really enjoyed talking to people about hank snow. i wish i would have gotten to meet the man in person but i wasn't old enough to know to much about hank,but i really enjoyed what my dad told me about him and saw his great music and especailly the people that put the tribute together. hope to be here again next year.
338) Dr. John H. Hoover 
St. Cloud, MN
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Monday, 1 July 2013 12:12

I have a signed copy of H's 1963 release "Railroad Man" ("To Johnny Hoover. Hank Snow". The album is in fine conditiona nd the handwriting is very legible. I would very much like to contribute this to your museum if you wold find this useful--just promise to take care of it. Let me know (320.308.5330 or 320.293.2313).
337) Thane Dondale 
Deep Brook,n.s.
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Saturday, 8 June 2013 08:12

This is where I live now,but have moved on and around too sort of like Hank.
One gutsy man to live the life that he did !The book about his life is quite interesting. My parents used to tell me how he would be seen making the trek across from Liverpool to Annapolis Royal and points where ever when I was a kid . Hank ,white horse and guitar would sing and perform any where and every where!
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