If you have been in the Hank Snow Home Town Museum you would have seen many wonderful large posters and heard stories of how Irving sponsored Hank Snow Tours for many years.  You would also have been told by the Tour Guide that Mr. K.C. Irving was a fan of Hank Snow and so was Mr. Arthur Irving.   There is a beautiful white jacket with Irving on the back that was given to Hank by Mr. Irving.

The Friends of Hank Snow Society send their heartfelt condolences to the Irving Family.   Hank Snow lived for many years in New Brunswick and toured over the Maritimes and when he became a success in Nashville also returned to tour under the Irving banner.

Looking over the years Mr. Arthur Irving lived, he was often involved in country music especially with Hank Snow or with our friend Carroll Baker who will be the Headliner on Saturday night at the Hank Snow 32nd Tribute Festival or with Bernie LeBlanc who will be with the Closing Act on Saturday night after Carroll.  We are sure Carroll and Bernie  join us in our  wish that Mr. Irving would have been able to share the evening with them and with all the other Hank Snow fans.

It was a pleasure to meet with him at the Carroll Baker Mem’ries Centre a few years ago.  He brought everyone there some tasty cupcakes.   He was certainly a personable man and from all accounts a very astute businessman.

We send condolences to his wife Sandra and his children and grandchildren and to all his employees and associates.