NOTICE: 2021 Hank Snow Tribute Cancelled due to COVID.

Unfortunately the Hank Snow Society Board of Directors have decided that due to COVID and the precautions regarding travel that the Hank Snow Tribute 2021 will be cancelled.   Travel to Nova Scotia is restricted and travel across Canada and the US is not permitted so many visitors and festival goers would not be able to attend.  This is very unfortunate and the Board made this decision with much regret.

We hope to see everyone at the Hank Snow Tribute in 2022 and we are fortunate to be able to announce that our Headline act,  Carroll Baker will be in attendance at the 2022 Tribute.  She has kindly offered to perform as she has for the two previous cancellations.  We will have a wonderful lineup of performers and are looking forward to this annual event.    Thank you to everyone who has been so patient waiting for our annual Tribute.   We miss seeing everyone.