The Friends of Hank Snow Society Entertainment Committee are planning the outdoor SUMMER FESTIVAL 2023 at the Gazebo Park area across from the Museum for July 21-23, with invited musicians and great food, entertainment and campout.  This outdoor Summer Festival 2023 will help to supplement the Summer Student costs as grants only pay a percentage of their wages.  An updated list of performers will be available sometime in the next few months.

THE HANK SNOW TRIBUTE requires musicians to apply by completing an application form to apply for a spot to perform.  The Application Form is found at the bottom of the last posting early February to this website.    Musicians can contact Vina at 902-354-8235 to have an application form sent to them or email and one will be emailed to you.   The Entertainment Committee welcomes the opportunity to have this Tribute 2023 held at Queens Place Emera Centre if a grant is available to pay the cost of hiring the Centre.  If not, this will be held outdoors as in 2022.

There are several shows and events being organized for each month beginning in March.  As soon as the details are complete, we will post the dates and the place where the event will be held.   Stay tuned.   The Entertainment Committee is looking forward to presenting these wonderful shows and events for your enjoyment and is looking forward to seeing each of you as well.

Some of the events slated include:  Pig & Whistle Night/Women of Song/Mother’s Day Show/Father’s Day Show/Gaven Whynot Memorial/Opry Night.

Also, there are plans to do a Children’s program either at the Gazebo Park area or at school and these plans will be detailed later as well.

The Friends of Hank Snow Entertainment Committee thank you all for your help with every event whether you are a Musician, Volunteer or a member of the Audience.   We love you all.