Hank Snow: Snow on the Tracks


Of the 840 commercial recordings Hank Snow made between 1936 and 1984, admittedly few are train songs. But thanks to his career-making 1950 hits I’m Moving On and The Golden Rocket, the Nova Scotia-born country singer will always be associated with railroads and ‘traveling’ songs. To be sure, Snow spent much of his life on the move. About a third of the songs he wrote and recorded during the thirties mentioned railroading

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1. Big Wheels
2. The Last Ride
3. The Streamlined Cannonball
4. Ghost Trains
5. Pan American
6. Southbound
7. Way Out There
8. Chattanooga Choo Choo
9. The Wreck of the Number Nine 
10. Lonesome Whistle
11. The Crazy Engineer
12. I’m Movin’ On
13. The Golden Rocket
14. The Wreck of the Old ’97
15. One More Ride
16. The Atlantic Coastal Line
17. Silver Rails
18. Come the Morning
19. Pennsylvania Duquesne
20. Fireball Mail
21. Canadian Pacific
22. I’m Movin’ In
23. Folson Prison Blues
24. That Same Old Dotted Line
25. Casey Jones Was His Name 
26. Wabash Cannonball
27. The Train My Woman’s On 
28. The Engineer’s Child 
29. Lonely Train 
30. Crack in the Box Car Door
31. The City of New Orleans
32. The Texas Silver Zephyr