Our own Honourary Board Member,  Charlotte White will be one of the two Parade Marshalls at the 2022 Privateer Parade.  Charlotte is a dedicated community volunteer and has been for her whole life.  Most recently she was the motivator and leader of the Queens County Food Bank here in Liverpool.  She still gives volunteer hours there even though she retired as the head of the Food Bank.   Charlotte has tirelessly given her time and expertise to the Friends of Hank Snow as a volunteer and Board member.   Due to her diligence and leadership, so many projects have been undertaken and completed that would never have seen the light of day.   She has given her help with the many administrators who have looked after the Museum and has made their job a lot easier with her suggestions and dedicated mentorship.  The Hank Snow Tributes over the years have benefited from Charlotte’s organizational abilities and her due diligence so that they have been highly successful.  Her ideas and ability to present her case effectively  have contributed to the additions and acquisitions which have made the Hank Snow Museum the place over 3,000 visitors enjoy yearly.  The Friends of Hank Snow Society thank Charlotte for her years of service and applaud the Privateers Committee for recognizing this outstanding volunteer in our community and especially to the Hank Snow Home Town Museum.

Another volunteer who can be counted on to be part of our Hank Snow Tribute and Festival events is Gary Levy who also gives freely of his time and expertise to many groups in Queens County.   Gary will be a wonderful co-Parade Marshall of this year’s Privateer Parade and the Friends of Hank Snow Society thank him for his help with our organization over the years and for his work in our community.

CONGRATULATIONS TO CHARLOTTE AND GARY !!!    Wonderful choices to represent our area in the Parade.