Hank Snow: I’ve Been Everywhere (2 CDs)


Canada’s greatest contribution to country music, Nova Scotia’s “Singing Ranger” had 65 Billboard hits from 1949-1974 and was a regular on the Grand Old Opry stage. Though not a proper Hank Snow release, this single-disc, greatest-hits collection illustrates Snow’s complete mastery of the traditional country “traveling” song (“I’ve Been Everywhere”) as well as his forays into more esoteric material, such as swing, boogie and Hawaiian. Underappreciated guitar player and a sturdy singer, “Essential” is a winning profile of Snow. — S. Duda

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Disc. 1

1. I’m Moving On
2. With This Ring I Thee Wed
3. The Golden Rocket
4. Paving The Highway With Tears
5. Rhumba Boogie
6. You Pass Me By
7. Down The Trail Of Aching Hearts
8. Bluebird Island
9. Music Makin’
10. The Highest Biddor
11. The Goldrush Is Over
12. Why Do You Punish Me
13. Lady’s Man
14. Married By The Bible,Divorced By The Law
15. I Went To Your Wedding
16. The Boogie Woogie Flying Crowd
17. The Gal Who Invented Kissing
18. A Fool Such As I
19. Spanish Fire Ball
20. Between Fire & Water
21. I Don’t Hurt Anymore
22. My Arabian Baby

Disc. 2

23. Let Me Go Lover
24. I’ve Forgotten You
25. Yellow Roses
26. Would You Mind
27. Maintincy
28. Born To Be Happy
29. These Hands
30. I’m Moving In
31. Conscience I’m Guilty
32. Holo Rock
33. Tangled Mind
34. My Arms Are A House
35. The Last Ride
36. Party Of The Second Part
37. Beggar To A King
38. Poor Little Jimmy
39. I’ve Been Everywhere
40. Ancient History
41. Ninety Miles An Hour
42. Blue Roses
43. Hello Love
44. Until The End Of Time