Hank Snow: Snow South of the Border


August 1950: an era when pop music flirted with Latin American mambos and sambas and country music couldn’t get enough boogie woogies. Hank Snow was still riding high on his breakthrough American single I’m Moving On, and RCA Victor expected the singer to follow up this chart-topper with another clever original for his upcoming Nashville session. As it turned out, Snow brought two.  Snow’s instrumental repertoire was surprisingly diverse, ranging from 18th century parlor standards to vintage pop like Twelfth Street Rag and Wabash Blues to contemporary country fare. They also included Latin specialties like La Cucaracha and El Rancho Grande, along with more recent fare like Vaya Con Dios and Bob Wills’ New Spanish Two Step, both appearing here as solo showcases and duets with Chet Atkins.

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1. Spanish Fire Ball
  2. Nuevo Laredo
  3. Adios Amigo
  4. Caribbean
  5. Maria Elena
  6. Vaya con Dios [Instrumental]
  7. Blue Rose of the Rio
  8. Cuba Rhumba
  9. Senorita Rosalita
  10. The Rhumba Boogie
  11. Rose of Old Monterey
  12. Jamaica Farewell
  13. Vaya con Dios [Instrumental]
  14. My Adobe Hacienda
  15. Limbo Rock
  16. Poison Love
  17. The Seashores of Old Mexico
  18. The Mysterious Lady from St. Martinique
  19. Jamaica Farewell
  20. When Mexican Joe Met Jole Blon
  21. Panamama
  22. El Rancho Grande [Instrumental]
  23. My Sweet Conchita
  24. Vaya con Dios
  25. New Spanish Two Step [Instrumental]
  26. Calypso Sweetheart
  27. La Cucaracha [Instrumental]
  28. Rose of the Rio
  29. Sleepy Rio Grande [Instrumental]
  30. The Rhumba Boogie
  31. Spanish Fire Ball
  32. Cuba Rhumba
  33. Caribbean