Hank Snow: Under Western Skies


This CD (Compact Disc) features Hank Snow performing these classic country music songs. This collection features many of Hank’s western sagas, starting with his first record from 1936 “Prisoned Cowboy.” It also includes tracks from “Heartbreak Trail”, his best-selling 1965 tribute to the Sons of the Pioneers, along with rarities from his early years in Canada plus five tracks from his celebrated Thesaurus radio transcriptions of the early ’50s.

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  1. The Man Who Robbed The Bank At Santa Fe
  2. The Man Behind The Gun
  3. (Town Of) Laredo
  4. The Queen Of Draw Poker Town
  5. El Paso
  6. ‘Cross The Brazos At Waco
  7. Patanio The Pride Of The Plains
  8. Cowhand’s Last Ride
  9. Ridin’ Home
  10. Heart Break Trail
  11. Cool Water
  12. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  13. Texas Plains
  14. Chant Of The Wanderer
  15. On The Rhythm Range
  16. Following The Sun All Day
  17. The Wayward Wind
  18. Patanio The Pride Of The Plains
  19. Prisoned Cowboy
  20. The Texas Cowboy
  21. Riding Along Singing A Song
  22. Blue Ranger
  23. My Sweet Texas Bluebonnet Queen
  24. Out On The Open Range
  25. Yodeling Ranger
  26. Yodeling Cowboy
  27. San Antonio Rose (instrumental)
  28. Medley: I’m Coming Home / Song Of The Saddle
  29. That Pioneer Mother Of Mine
  30. Texas Plains
  31. Chant Of The Wanderer